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Time for change

Safety in diving has always been focused on solid education and training. If something goes wrong below the surface, the only help is yourself and your dive partners. Many outdoor activities are associated with certain risks that are difficult to predict. No one has previously, so clearly identified the problems and risks of scuba diving in the same way as the creators of Divo.

Divo is compatible with all existing systems for scuba diving depths up to 130 feet (40m) in fresh, or salt water temperatures from 28°F (-2oC) to more than 86°F (30°C) to more than, operating pressure 105 psi (7.2 bar) to 175 psi (12 bar).

- DIVO will significantly increase safety in the event of unforeseen incidents, and can, potentially, reduce the number of fatal outcomes by bringing these divers to the surface where they can receive immediate, lifesaving assistance. 

- In addition, DIVO will may reduce the number of accidents with a fatal outcome caused by such conditions as such as heart attacks, strokes, epileptic seizures, etc. and other related situations where the person becomes incapacitated and has no ability to rise to the surface.

- DIVO inflates the diver’s buoyancy control device (BCD) automatically but the diver can easily correct the process by manually resetting the device to avoid rapid ascents.

Divo takes scuba diving to a whole new dimension, that is simply intelligent diving.

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