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So much more than an inflator

Automatic Functional Test (AFT)

When the diving system is pressurized, Divo automatically tests all functions, the breathing sensors, time delay chamber and the Out of Air Guard valves for maximum safety during the dive.

Automatic start and stop

Divo starts automatically in standby mode when the diving system is pressurized. The function is activated during descent and is switched off when the diver reaches the surface. Divo is active until the breathing gas source is turned off.

Breathing guard

Divo monitors the diver’s breathing activity in the diving system. If the diver’s breathing ceases for more than thirty seconds, Divo automatically inflates the diver’s BCD, and lifts the diver to the surface

Out-of-air guard

Divo monitors how much breathing gas is in the scuba cylinder. When the breathing gas level drops below 72 psi (5 bar), the diver’s BCD automatically inflates the BCD and lifts the diver to the surface.

Reset function

The inflation process can always be reset, by pressing the deflate button to return to normal operation mode. 

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