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Property & Assets

Intellectual Property, IP

Is the area that by law and precedent regulates the right to protection of various forms of intellectual property, such as research and technology-driven activities in the underlying IA portfolio. The most important parts of the IP portfolio generally consist of patents, design and trademark protection, but can also be covered by copyright protection and company trade secrets. The IP portfolio is in most cases necessary condition for the company's business model and often represents a significant cost, but at the same time a value creator. The portfolio is designed to protect the business goals in the short and long term in a maximum way.

Intellectual Assets, IA

Refers to important corporate assets such as patents, trade secrets, knowledge, experience and staff skills that can be turned into profits, create value and improve business results and economic growth. The purpose of working with Intellectual Assets is to clarify things that may be of great importance to the company by documenting and analyzing valuable knowledge as concrete objects in a structured and systematic way. Important parts of the IA portfolio often consist of various forms of limited technical knowledge, such as data, theoretical models or technical solutions.

IP and AI

For example, patents, design protection and trademark protection.

That enable legal ownership claims on the underlying IA portfolio, such as, Intellectual property (IP) refers to the intellectual property rights (IPR)

Intellectual Assets (IA) refers to valuable, objectified knowledge such as data sets, models and technical solutions.

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